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About Us

Heritage IMS Hospital is a prime integrated healthcare service giver in Purvanchal. The healthcare verticals of this hospital mainly consist of hospitals, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Confirmed by the Government of India & NMC, Heritage IMS Hospital is a healthcare providing sector, with a carpet area of more than 12 lac square feet. More than 200 employees including SRL (Super Religare Laboratories) share their perception that it is the most trustworthy healthcare channel in Purvanchal. It provides a gamut of medical management assistance and a vast radius of additional services.
Heritage IMS Hospital is committed to providing top quality, efficient attention in its hospitals and clinics. we tend to able to offer free, no-obligation quotes for a good vary of treatments, consultations and tests to our self-pay patients. we tend to additionally offer care to insurance patients. For additional data on insurance acceptance/ empanelment, please sit down with details within the insurance section. we offer care to each patients with insurance. Our knowledgeable team of doctors and nurses offered to around the clock to observe the progress of our patients.

Super Specialty Departments

Neuro Surgery

The term ‘neuro’ is derived from neurons – the fundamental unit of nervous system of vertebrates. So neurosurgery or neurological surgery is the medical area that covers elimination, analysis, surgical procedure and recovery of ailment s.

Neuro Medicine

At Heritage IMS Hospital, we do have our own pharmacy so that no patient party needs to worry about medication. It is a diagnostic fitness field that connects medical science with chemistry and the outcome is the foundation, manufacture, distribution.

Urology Department

Heritage IMS Hospital offers a wide range of urological and nephrological treatment across all its units. The units provide some of the best treatment for complications with relative ease and expertise. The highly advanced medical team comprises of the best

Plastic Surgery department

The term ‘Plastic Surgery’ is derived from a Greek word ‘plastike’ which means the art of modelling or sculpting. This is a surgical method which includes reconstruction, restoration or reshaping of a body part.

Cardiology Department

Heritage IMS Hospital of vessel DISEASES is providing facility internal organ patients with the assistance of senior and professional cardiologists in a very advanced setting. The department is one among the foremost prestigious in Purvanchal.

Nephrology department

Nephrology is a specialty of adult internal medicine and pediatric medicine specifically normal kidney function and kidney disease , the preservation of kidney health, and the treatment of kidney disease.

General Surgery

General surgery is a medical forte that emphasizes on stomachic contents comprising esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, appendix (vestigial part), bile duct and commonly the thyroid gland.

General Medicine

Heritage IMS Hospital offers the best treatment and post treatment care with the help of our efficient doctors, proficient and empathetic staff, along with modern technology and apparatus.


The term ‘orthopedic’ comes from a French word orthopedic which means straight or correct. It is a department involving conditions related to musculoskeletal system.

ENT Department

ENT is the short form of ear, nose and throat. It is a department for people who are suffering from disorders related to ear, nose and throat.The department of ENT in Heritage IMS Hospital provides an overall service that guarantees good health and welfare.

Dermatology Department

Dermatology, a Greek word, consists of 2 words ‘derma’ meaning skin and ‘logia’ meaning study. Hence, the department of dermatology deals with the skin, its structure, functions and diseases.

Psychiatry Department

The term ‘psychiatry’ is a Greek word. It was first used in 1808 by Reil, professor of medicine in Germany. It means medical therapy of the soul (psyche = mind/soul & iatreia = healing/therapy).

Pediatrics Department

The term ‘pediatrics’ ‘is derived from a Greek word. It is comprised of two words pais= child & iatros= doctor/physician. It means mender or curer of children. So, pediatrics is a division

Obg & Genecology

The word ‘genecology’ is derived from a Greek word. It comprises of two words gyne=woman & logia=study. Hence, genecology refers to a division of medicines that handles the disease or the routine physical care

Eye Department

The word ophthalmology has originated from a Greek word, ‘ophthalmos’ meaning eye & ‘logia’ meaning study. Hence, ophthalmology is related with “the study of eye”. It is a department of the medical team that deals with the examination, operation and therapy related to ocular diseases.

Physiotherapy department

Heritage IMS Hospital offer best physiotherapist. They can help people at any age and stage of life when function and abilities are compromised due to birth injury, diseases, disorders, ageing, environmental factors etc.

TB & Chest

Heritage IMS Hospital has a modern Pulmonology department to help people fight against respiratory disorders. This is a pharmaceutical facility that copes with diseases associated with the respiratory portion. It can also be referred to as respiratory or chest medicine in some states and areas.


Heritage IMS Hospital, Purvanchal is one of the foremost dental hospitals. We provide with the supreme dental treatments like surgery and care for all teeth related and oral conditions. Helmed by efficient dental surgeons and medical practitioners, this hospital is known as the best dental hospital.

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Situated in Purvanchal, Heritage IMS Hospital Varanasi is providing top-grade medical services comprising of all latest facilities and amenities — within budget.

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