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How can you boost your metabolism?

To get knowledge on boosting of metabolism first we need to know what is METABOLISM.

The term metabolism which is pronounced as meh-tab-uh-liz-um, is an enzymatic (reaction/process) in the cell of our body that converts food into energy. Human body requires this energy to perform all sorts of activities like moving, thinking, growing etc. There are specific proteins in our body that control this chemical reaction of metabolism.

Types of Metabolism:

Metabolism is common term but most of us are unaware that there are three types of metabolism. They are endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. Now let’s know a bit about these three types of metabolism.


People with this kind of metabolism can be identified by a short, stocky build figure. If an individual is gaining fat or muscle with ease and finding it tough to get rid of those fats, then it is termed as Endomorph. Since it is a slow form of metabolism, so it’s easy to gain weight which mostly consists of fats and not muscles.


People with this kind of metabolism have smaller body frame and bone structure. Usually they are skinny and find it tough to gain weight. The metabolism rate in them is very fast and that leads to burning of calories faster than other types of metabolism. People suffering from such kind of metabolism require higher calorie intake.


This kind of metabolism can be seen in athletes’ body in which the shape of the body is mainly rectangular and is muscular build. They tend to gain fats more easily than Ectomorph. That’s the reason they have to be cautious about their calorie intake. This is regarded as the most perfect type of metabolism as it is easy to lose weight in such kind compared to endomorph.

A Few Easy Steps to boost it.

  1. Plenty of Protein Intake: – Protein leads to huge increase in TEF (Thermic effect of food), which boosts the metabolic rate by 15-30%, in comparison to carbs & fats leading in burning of more calories and also helping us to have less food intake.
  2. Gulping of cold water: – intake of cold water helps in weight management and a check on of the fats instead of sipping sugary drinks. It increases the metabolic rate by helping us to fill up before meals and hence lowering our diet.
  3. Doing High-Intensity Exercise: – High Intensity workouts involve fast and acute break down of fats by burning fats by boosting up the metabolic rate.
  4. Weight Lifting: -lifting of heavy weights can help to build muscles than fats and increases the rate of metabolism. Weight lifting helps to burn more fats, even when the body is at rest. More the amount of muscle built by weight lifting, higher will be the metabolism rate.

A few more ways:-

  1. Sitting at one place for longer duration builds up fat in the lower regions of the body. So, a short walk after a prolonged time of sitting boosts metabolism and reduces fat build up.
  2. Intake of Green tea helps to boost metabolism and lose extra weight.
  3. Eating foods containing more spices (capsaicin) leads to boosting in metabolism and maintain weight.
  4. Adequate amount of sleep (8 hours) is required to boost metabolism as lack of sleep may lead to weight gain.
  5. Coffee intake also helps in boosting metabolism, as researches have proved that caffeine boosts metabolic rate by 3-11%.
  6. Coconut oil can be replaced with normal cooking oil as it is comparably high in medium-chain fats. So, it can help to boost metabolism & losing weight.

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