Neonatology @ Pediatrics / NICU & PICU

Neonatology @ Pediatrics / NICU & PICU

Welcome to the Neonatology and Pediatrics Department, which includes the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), at Heritage IMS Hospital. Our specialized team of neonatologists, pediatricians, and pediatric subspecialists is dedicated to providing comprehensive and advanced care for newborns, infants, children, and adolescents. We strive to ensure the well-being of our young patients and support their families during challenging times.

Neonatology Services:
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Our state-of-the-art NICU is equipped to provide specialized care for premature babies, newborns with complex medical conditions, and those requiring critical care. Our neonatologists and experienced healthcare professionals work diligently to monitor, diagnose, and treat a wide range of neonatal conditions, providing comprehensive support to the tiniest patients.
  • Respiratory Support: We offer advanced respiratory support for newborns, including non-invasive ventilation, mechanical ventilation, and high-frequency ventilation. Our team closely monitors lung function, provides surfactant replacement therapy, and manages respiratory distress syndrome and other respiratory conditions in collaboration with our respiratory therapists.
  • Nutrition Support: Our neonatology team ensures optimal nutrition for premature babies and newborns with feeding challenges. We provide specialized care for infants who require parenteral nutrition, enteral feeding, or special feeding techniques to promote healthy growth and development.
  • Neurodevelopmental Care: We understand the critical importance of neurodevelopmental support for premature babies and newborns at risk of neurologic conditions. Our neonatologists closely monitor brain development, provide early intervention therapies, and collaborate with pediatric neurologists and developmental specialists to optimize neurodevelopmental outcomes.
Pediatrics Services:
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): Our PICU is dedicated to providing critical care for infants, children, and adolescents with severe illnesses, traumatic injuries, or post-surgical recovery. Our multidisciplinary team, including pediatric intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other specialists, provides round-the-clock monitoring, advanced life support, and specialized interventions tailored to each patient's needs.
  • Well-child Care: Our pediatricians offer routine well-child visits, including vaccinations, growth and development assessments, and guidance on nutrition, safety, and healthy lifestyle practices. We emphasize preventive care and work closely with families to ensure optimal health for their children.
  • Pediatric Emergency Care: Our dedicated pediatric emergency department provides immediate medical attention and specialized care for children in emergency situations. We are equipped to handle a wide range of pediatric emergencies and ensure timely and appropriate interventions.

At Heritage IMS Hospital, we are committed to delivering compassionate, family-centered care to our youngest patients. Our Neonatology and Pediatrics Department combines the expertise of highly skilled healthcare professionals, advanced technologies, and a supportive environment to ensure the best possible outcomes for children in need of specialized care.


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