Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Welcome to the Vascular Surgery Department at Heritage IMS Hospital! Our team of experienced vascular surgeons specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases affecting the blood vessels throughout the body. We are committed to providing exceptional vascular care, utilizing advanced surgical techniques and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Services Offered:
  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Treatment: Our vascular surgeons offer comprehensive treatment options for peripheral artery disease, a condition that affects the arteries supplying the limbs. We provide both surgical and minimally invasive procedures, including angioplasty, stenting, bypass grafting, and atherectomy, to improve blood flow and alleviate symptoms such as leg pain and difficulty walking.
  • Venous Disorders Treatment: We offer comprehensive treatment for various venous disorders, including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and chronic venous insufficiency. Our vascular surgeons utilize minimally invasive procedures such as endovenous ablation, sclerotherapy, and venous stenting to relieve symptoms, improve circulation, and enhance venous function.
  • Diabetic Foot Care: We provide specialized care for patients with diabetic foot complications, including diabetic foot ulcers and peripheral artery disease. Our vascular surgeons collaborate with a multidisciplinary team, including podiatrists and wound care specialists, to develop comprehensive treatment plans and optimize healing outcomes.
  • Lymphatic Disorder Treatment: Our department offers surgical interventions for lymphatic disorders such as lymphedema and lymphatic malformations. We employ procedures such as lymphaticovenular anastomosis (LVA) and lymphatic bypass surgery to redirect lymphatic flow and improve symptoms.
  • Vascular Trauma Management: Our vascular surgeons are trained in the management of vascular injuries resulting from trauma, including arterial injuries, venous injuries, and complex vascular reconstructions. We provide emergency interventions and ongoing care to ensure optimal outcomes for patients with vascular trauma.

At Heritage IMS Hospital, we understand the importance of vascular health in overall well-being. Our Vascular Surgery Department combines the expertise of skilled vascular surgeons, advanced diagnostic technology, and a multidisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive care for vascular conditions.